Marketplace Rules

This document is a simple and quick list of some of our main rules.

All requests that are posted must be legal and owing to the nature of the application. The application will have a variety of requests/jobs; including but not limited to odd jobs, jobs requiring licensed professionals or skilled workers among others. For the sake of this application, we use the term ‘Helper’ as the one who reaches out to provide their services and the term ‘Help seeker’ for those who post requests to seek help. All Helpers must be legally entitled to perform the job. Some general rules:

1.                 You must be over the age of 18 to use Helpcove.

2.                 Job must be remunerated in cash or via PayPal and may not be remunerated in cash equivalents.

3.                 Your account is your responsibility – you must keep control of it and it is not transferrable under any circumstances.

What you should do on Helpcove:

1.               To prevent SPAM and to protect your privacy, do not mention your email address or contact details while posting your request. Once you have awarded a Helper(s) (service provider) the job, then you are free to exchange contact details for ease of communication.

2.               Provide Helpcove with 100 points ID and verify your mobile number. In addition, it is advisable to upload a profile picture or connect with Facebook so people can get to know who they are working with. Being verified will help gain more trust in the community and may help you win jobs faster.

Guidelines for Posting a Request

You can request for almost any help on Helpcove, but there are few things that are not allowed:

·        Advertising, requests for selling services or job posts that act as advertisement for a service provider that is no request for jobs.

·        Requests which are open or disguise advertisement to third party services or websites

·        Requests that are fraudulent, or misrepresentations of assessment

·        Requests which are obscene or sexually explicit in nature

·        Request for escort or escort type services

·        Request for services which are illegal

·        Request for services that promote hatred or violence against specific groups of people

·        Requests for drugs, including Alcohol, prescription drugs or drug paraphernalia. Over-the-counter medicine is acceptable.

·        Requests for sexual activity of any kind. Delivery of sexual health items such as contraception is fine.

·        Requests that are related to weapons or unlawful activity. This includes soliciting, inducing or encouraging illegal acts or requesting goods or services in furtherance of a crime.

·        Messages sent through private messaging system that are derogatory, considered trolling, off topic or SPAM.

All requests posted must comply with applicable local laws and regulations. Do not post requests that are not legal.

Do not mention your private contact details (such as your full name, email address or phone number) in your user profile, while posting your request and while messaging the Helper(s) prior to awarding the request. For your safety and to maintain the integrity of the marketplace, we suggest that you only communicate through Helpcove’s private messaging system.

Whenever you have a suspicion that a request may violate the policies listed above, please report it to us by contacting us at

Users who breach the marketplace rules may have their account moderated, suspended or deactivated.

Please read the Helpcove Privacy Policy and Terms of Use (defined below) in addition to the above rules.

Dispute matters and Personal Conduct

Since transactions take place between you and another person in your local community or region, all agreements are final and Helpcove cannot issue any refunds for any reason. Should you be a victim of a crime, gather all the evidence and make a case to the police. If a crime has taken place in relation to a Helpcove transaction, send us a copy of the police record and we will follow up and act upon it.

Helpcove users are people from nearby region, suburbs or local community and you might even be acquaintances or have mutual friends. Please be nice, polite and use tact to solve any petty differences or issues. That way, we can all enjoy being part of the Helpcove community where we help out and get help! If ever, there is any abusive language being used anywhere on the Helpcove platform, please inform us by contacting us at